Elden Ring boasts a plethora of items and ingredients that are used for crafting. While some materials are abundant, some are hard to obtain because they are available in only specific locations. One such material is Fire Bollosom which can only be found in one area in the game.

Where to find Fire Blossom in Elden Ring

You will be able to find Fire Blossom in the Mountain of the Giants area in Elden Ring. The location is located in the far north-east corner of The Lands Between and depicts the massive destruction that befell the Giants who formerly called this place home. Although Fire Blossom can only be found in Mountain of the Giants, there is plenty available here, so gathering the material shouldn’t be an issue. The place is also home to NPC Shabriri, who talks about an “alternative and more righteous” way to attain Lordship.

Fire Blossom is only used for crafting Giantsflame Fire Pot in Elden Ring, and the consumable item can be thrown at enemies to deal heavy fire damage. To prepare the item, you’ll need two Fire Blossom and the Armorer’s Cookbook. It’s a great combat item that can come in handy in clutch situations. Unfortunately, Fire Blossom doesn’t yield any rune when sold, so the only use is to craft Giantsflame Fire Pot.

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