The weapons you use in Elden Ring will define your character, and you may have preferences on using some over others. It all comes down to your playstyle and the type of character you’re using in the game. For those eager to add a worthy sword to their arsenal, the Broadsword is an excellent weapon to go out of your to find. This guide covers where to find a Broadsword in Elden Ring.

You can find the Broadsword pretty early during your playthrough of Elden Ring. We did not find it on a boss or by defeating an enemy. Instead, we found it by speaking with a specific merchant and finding them in the world. You’ll want to make your way to the west of The First Step site of grace and proceed down to the coast when you start. You’ll be looking for the Coastal Cave point of interest, and make sure you’re on the beach in this location. Once you’re here, make your way south.

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At this location, you’ll find the Nomadic Merchant. They will be sitting on the ground next to a campfire with their horse nearby. When we spoke with them, we did not have the option to talk with them, but we could purchase their wares and sell items to them. The Nomadic Merchant had a Broadsword for sale, and you can pick it up from them for 1,800 Runes.

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