Elden Ring fans who have progressed a bit in the game are curious to know what happens if they rest in the coffin which is found in the world.

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Elden Ring‘s massive open world, Lands Between is filled with a number of secrets. You might go around exploring areas normally and would end up finding a chest that would teleport you to a location that is five times higher than your level. Or you might just be going to a previously visited place at night and would be invaded by a new boss which only appears at night. This uncertainty and mystery around the game are one of the prime reasons for its success, although fans do have a bit of trouble with it sometimes.

Elden Ring | Live Action Trailer



Elden Ring | Live Action Trailer






What Happens If You Rest In The Coffin In Elden Ring?

Now if you have been playing Elden Ring and progressed towards the middle of the game, you would find a coffin in the game. It’s present in a few locations, quite notable of all being the one in Nokron, Eternal City. This is the first coffin you will encounter in the game, and it can be accessed after defeating two very powerful bosses, which are considered to be the strongest by many as well. Those are none other than the Valiant Gargoyles.

Once you take them down, you will find a coffin at the base of the waterfall. If you go near it, you will get an option to rest in the coffin. This is something that fans are in a dilemma about, as to what consequences it will have. Well, it is not going to have adverse effects on your journey. These are used to travel to new locations, and the first one will take you to Deeproot Depths, which also has one of the best farming locations in the game.

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