Glazed Terracotta is a special type of block in Minecraft. These blocks are not obtainable naturally from biomes. Instead, they need to be crafted by players. Rarely these blocks can also be found in certain village houses or underwater ruins. The most striking feature of these blocks is their texture design.

Players can craft these blocks by smelting any dyed Terracotta block. Since there are 16 dyes in the game, players can make 16 different types of blocks.

Different colored blocks will have different design patterns as well. The design of each block is good enough, but if placed together, they can create something truly beautiful.

What can Glazed Terracotta block be used for in Minecraft?

2×2 block patterns

These blocks have unique designs that can be connected if the same colored blocks are placed adjacent to each other. Placing them in a particular manner can create bigger designed patterns. Hence, these blocks are primarily used for decoration.

Four types of 2x2 block design can be made with one type of block (Image via Minecraft)
Four types of 2×2 block design can be made with one type of block (Image via Minecraft)

When placed, the block’s texture orientation depends on the direction the player is facing while placing the block.

If players turn 90 degrees after placing every block, they will be able to create a basic combined design with these blocks. Players must remember that the block should be of the same color while making these designs.

Players can make four different types of designs with each 2×2 block presentation. This depends on which direction the player is facing while placing each block adjacent to one another.

Creating bigger designs with these block

Players can select one type of 2x2 design and expand (Image via Minecraft)
Players can select one type of 2×2 design and expand (Image via Minecraft)

After players select their favorite colored block and the 2×2 block pattern, they can repeat it and connect it to make larger block designs. It can be used as a floor carpet in a house build or even as a unique wall. This way, players can make elaborate design patterns with the glazed terracotta block.

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