With the Bren nerfed in Call of Duty: Warzone, players have a new favorite long-ranged weapon. According to streamers, the Automaton loadout just might be the best-feeling AR in Warzone history.

If you’ve been watching any of the Warzone tournament scene in recent weeks, you’ve likely noticed an uptick in Automaton usage. The gun was Warzone Pacific’s first meta primary weapon, but December 2021 nerfs left it in an “unusable” state.

While those adjustments closed the door on the Auto, they opened up for the Bren – which quickly became Caldera’s defining, untouchable meta weapon. Despite attempted nerfs, bugged damage buffs kept the Bren in most players’ hands.

As many kept using the LMG, though, some top players pivoted back to the Automaton (after it received a buff of its own). Now, with the Bren nerfed once again, streamers are recommending the Auto with some serious praise.

Warzone streamers call Automaton loadout most “rewarding” gun ever

A March 1 tweet from streamer bbreadman held the Auto in high esteem. The frequent tournament competitor said the AR “feels better than any previous long-range option from [Modern Warfare or Cold War], it’s so rewarding to kill someone with.”

That’s a… lot of guns to compare it against, but bread was far from alone. While CDL caster Maven called it “the first Vanguard AR I’ve enjoyed,” streamer JoeWo went even further: “One of my favorite metas of all time.”

Warzone pros embracing Automaton loadout

Tommey Warzone Automaton
Twitch: Tommey

Here is the Automaton loadout Tommey used to win a $100K Warzone tournament.

Although most casual players, and even most pros, have been using the Bren – the Auto already had fans before the Bren’s latest buffs. Warzone’s highest all-time earner, Tommey, won a $100,000 tournament with the AR in late-February.

If the gun was good enough for triple-digit earnings even while the Bren’s damage was buffed by a bug, it’s definitely good enough to try now. Early reactions suggest the LMG is still viable after its March 2 nerfs, but those tweaks may have been enough for the Auto to overtake it in the meta.

Even if you don’t agree with Bread that the Auto feels better than beloved guns like the M4A1, Grau, AMAX, and XM4 – it’s still worth testing out.

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