PUBG Mobile, and its Indian version – BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India), are being played by millions of users worldwide. They are almost identical, with just a few minor modifications made to the latter to cater to the Indian community.

Users of both titles have a widespread perception that they have a unique in-game name that distinguishes them from the rest of the players. Consequently, all such individuals search the web for a catchy name that they can use.

List of 30 unique names to use in PUBG and BGMI (March 2022)

Here’s a list of names that can be utilized by gamers in the game:

1) ×PØisØn×

2) ExWhyZedム

3) XiZteNce

4) -Bur¥-

5)⠐ MurdeR⠐


7) Brok3nツ


9) Cyrus么EZ



12) メVagabondメ

13) ٭SlaughTER٭

14) One×Shot


16) B(lit)Z

17) Cobra一BITE

18) Ðark父Horse

19) Kay-Nine

20) NumerØ UnØ

21) ⦇MercurY⦈

22) PluTo

23) DeletedUser

24) Ðevil BlaÐ3


26) PsYcho

27) El么Diablo

28) G.O.A.T

29) $murF

30) TH3 W0LF

Users can further alter the names provided above by adding symbols of their choice, as per their overall preference.

How to change the name in PUBG Mobile and BGMI

To change the name, users must first acquire the Rename Card, which can be directly purchased from the in-game store using UC. They can follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the in-game store of PUBG Mobile / BGMI and head over to the “Treasures” section. Next, select the “Rename Card” and proceed with its purchase.

The purchase for the card has to be completed by the players (Image via Krafton)
The purchase for the card has to be completed by the players (Image via Krafton)

It costs 180 UC, so users must have sufficient in-game currency within the respective game.

Step 2: Once the card has been acquired, gamers must head over to the “Inventory” and select it.

Step 3: Finally, individuals must tap on the “USE” button. A pop-up will appear on their screens, where they must enter their new name into the text field.

Players can confirm the process to go ahead with the name change.

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