Subway Surfers Mod APK : More than 71 per cent of total Smartphone users prefer Android as their Operating System. Android is open-source software that allows users to make several alterations making it the most popular OS in the World. These alterations make Android the most suitable for gamers who can customise a game as per their needs. Fans have approved of many games on Android phones, such as PUBG and COD. One such game which has retained its popularity amongst the users over the years is Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers Mod APK

Developed by Kiloo, Subway Surfers was arguably the first game that attracted gamer’s attention towards Android. It has over 500 million downloads on Play Store. The game is made on relatively simple lines and is an endless running game. You have to escape from an inspector chasing you while dodging the incoming trains and other obstructions on your path. You also have to grab the coins and other rewards which are available on your trail. The game is a highly engaging experience and requires utmost attention. However, the game proves challenging for newcomers who often struggle to make a long run on the track.

Subway Surfers APK

One solution that solves this problem faced by newcomers and gives them a head start is the latest MOD version of Subway Surfers. It is one of the most effective hacks in the game and allows players to play without any restrictions. All of the locked features of Subway surfers are available in this mod version on android, which helps even a new player perform like a pro in the game.

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Subway Surfers Hack

Subway Surfers is undoubtedly one of the most fun games to play on your android smartphones. However, these mod versions make it better to play. Subway Surfers Mod APK comes with several features, which are:

  • The game has several hidden easter eggs, which are available when you are running on your trail. These easter eggs are easily discoverable when you are using a mod version of Subway Surfers.
  • The mod version of Subway Surfers comes with unlimited coins. These coins help you in buying skateboards and skis, amongst other accessories. These accessories make it easier for you to escape from the policeman chasing you.
  • In a mod version of Subway Surfers, you can choose your favourite skin out of the 19 available and play as any of the 22 available characters.
  • You can upgrade your coin magnet in the Subway Surfers Mod Apk. A coin magnet attracts all the coins towards you while you are running on your track.
  • The popular hoverboard can also be upgraded while using the mod version of Subway Surfers. It allows you to surf on any kind of topography successfully.
  • A giant shoe, also known as super sneakers, is also available in the mod version of Subway Surfers, which allows you to walk faster and hence leave the chasing cop at a significant distance.

Subway Surfers is a fun game played by gamers of all ages. However, the mod version makes the game even more fun to play and allows you to enjoy it even further. Subway Surfers mod apk is not available on the play store but can be downloaded from the web.

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