PUBG: Battlegrounds got a new update this week, but not on the game’s live servers. Instead, it’s gone live for testing for those who want to try out what’s to come ahead of the update’s full release which will happen later in the month. As far as what’s new, we’ve got the usual balance changes and map rotations to check out, but there are two notable things to look forward to: A new Spotter Scope which will let people mark enemies from further away, and a Tactical Pack that’ll turn one of your teammates into a pack mule used to haul around anything you may think you’ll need later.

That Tactical Pack takes the form of a sizable backpack that can fit “almost any item in its slots” which makes for quite the valuable resource for any squad. There’s of course a catch, however. It takes up your primary weapon slot, so you’ll have to sacrifice that if you want to have more on-the-go adaptability for whatever situation you find yourself in.

The Spotter Scope’s a bit more straightforward in its functionality – you look at things through the scope, mark them, and then act accordingly. Marks will follow targets for a short period even after you’ve stopped using the scope, so you can hit someone with a quick mark and then make your move afterwards.

Below are the patch notes pertinent to these two features from the larger update. To see what’s new with the rest of PUBG, you can check out the full patch notes here.

Tactical Pack

  • The Tactical Pack will:
    • Take up your primary weapon slot.
    • Have four attachment slots.
    • Spawn in every map.
    • Be available in Normal Matches, Custom Games, Training Mode, and Sandbox Mode(PC only).
    • Hold almost any item in its slots, including weapons, helmets, vests, item stacks, etc.
    • Stacks of an item (such as a stack of ammo) will take up a single slot, but a weight limit of 60 per slot applies to stack items only.
    • Weapons holding attachments will be stored as they are.
  • The Tactical Pack will not be able to store another Tactical Pack.
    • The Trunk in Porters cannot store a Tactical Pack.
  • Tactical Pack items are only accessible by the carrier.
    • To use the items, they must first be removed from the Tactical Pack.
  • When a player is holding the Tactical Pack in their hands, the normal looting interaction will be replaced with a new interaction to place the item directly into the Tactical Pack.
  • Weapons stored in the Tactical Pack will hold all their current attachments and ignore the “Replace Attachments” option when swapped out with another weapon.
  • The “Replace Attachments” option allows you to enable/disable the automatic replacement of compatible attachments when picking up a new weapon.
  • If weapons are loaded before they’re added to the Tactical Pack, they will maintain their loaded state when pulled back out.

Spotter Scope

  • The Spotter Scope will:
    • Take up your primary weapon slot.
    • Spawn in every map.
    • Be available in Normal Matches, Custom Games, Training Mode, and Sandbox Mode(PC only).
    • Be able to use in ADS mode.
    • The Spotter Scope will have a fixed 4x zoom magnification feature.
    • It will also provide real-time distance to the target you’re aiming at.
    • The maximum calculative distance is 1KM, and the distance beyond that will return as “??M”.
    • Allow you to spot and mark enemy players and Drones.
    • Every enemy player and Drone within 1KM of the Spotter Scope’s sight will be marked with a passive marker (white icon).
    • The passive marker will be shown on the seer’s screen only.
  • A targeting rectangle is located at the center of the Spotter Scope view.
    • If the user places the targeting rectangle to a marked enemy or Drone the passive marker will turn into an active marker (red icon).
    • The active markers will be automatically shared to the user’s teammates.
    • There is no limit to the number of active markers that can be created.
    • Several enemies can be marked with the active marker at once, with each marker following its respective target.
    • When the Spotter Scope is no longer marking an enemy with an active marker, the active marker will continue to follow its target for 7 more seconds before disappearing.
    • To indefinitely maintain the active marker, the targeting rectangle of the Spotter Scope must continue to chase the enemy.
  • Normal Screen Pings can also be placed while using the Spotter Scope.
  • You will receive an Assist when the enemy you marked is killed by a teammate (only while the enemy has the active marker or within 5 seconds after the active marker disappears).
  • The Spotter Scope will not detect or mark players hiding behind smoke made by Smoke Grenades.
  • However, when an enemy hides behind cover or smoke after getting marked by the active marker by the Spotter Scope, the active marker will still follow them for 7 more seconds before disappearing.

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