New MG3 machine gun

PUBG New State Mobile is getting the new MG3 machine gun, which uses 7.62mm ammo. The gun has two different firing modes – 660 RPM and 990 RPM. The MG3 has great recoil control, and it seems to be great at mid to long range.

Weapon customization

Vector gets the C2 attachment, which increases the magazine capacity and decreases the reload speed. Besides this, the Mini-14 also gets a C2 stock that brings higher stability but slower rate of fire.

Erangel 2051 changes

The southwest region of Erangel 2051 in New State Mobile will get some major changes. The map will get a new area soon, and players will be able to see that specific area under construction while playing the game. Along with these, a large factory has been added to the Port and a new loot area is added to Ferry Pier. The item and vehicle spawn rate has been adjusted for Erangel 2051.

Vehicle changes

After the new update, New State Mobile players who are in a vehicle will be downed after their vehicle is destroyed. It will also be harder to aim and shoot at enemies when riding in a vehicle. The vehicles have also received some changes to handling that will make it a bit harder to drive.

The PUBG New State Mobile 0.9.26 update will also improve the speed of co-op revive and add touch stabilization settings that will help in improving weapon accuracy. Along with these, the new season will reward players with a weapon skin and a parachute skin. Players who achieve and maintain the Conqueror tier will be rewarded with SMG/ SG update token and SR/ DMR update token. Finally, New State Mobile is collaborating with McLaren to add a new sports car to the game.

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