> What you’re basically suggesting is that Pale Moon becomes LibreWolf (decrappified Firefox), but LibreWolf already exists so there’s no point.

No, I don’t want it to be just another LibreWolf because…

> XUL compatibility, that isn’t technically possible

…what you say here is incorrect. You are part of the Pale Moon community, right? For a community that is rather strongly opposed to Mozilla you have been drinking a bit much of their kool aid in the past few years. Firefox can still totally run privileged extensions, even such beasts as Tab Mix Plus. You can literally install Tab Mix Plus (yes, the OG one, not the WebExtension joke) on Waterfox G4 or Firefox Developer Edition. Don’t believe me? Then do the following:

1. Download and install Waterfox G4 (not Classic, I really mean G4 here) for example.
2. Go to this page: https://github.com/onemen/TabMixPlus/releases and download the XPI file in Waterfox under “Assets”
3. Go to about:addons, cogwheel left of the TMP extension, now check out the settings page of the add-on.

That is privileged access to browser internals, my friend. Just because Mozilla doesn’t officially allow XUL extensions anymore… doesn’t have to mean they don’t run anymore. 🙂 Do your research, modern Firefox is not as incapable as you think it is for extensions.

As I said, developing a rendering engine with, like, 3 people, is a non-starter, dead on arrival even. That is not the way forward unless you want your project to die. Instead, better fork modern Firefox, then fork extensions that can’t be made into WebExtensions properly, then profit. In this order. There is no alternative, independent engine development is out of the question really.

But then again, you know my posts so far, don’t you? I have long held that even Firefox itself is pretty much dead in the water with 3% market share. The market is pretty much heading into a Blink / WebKit duopoly (already the case on mobile). So even forking modern Firefox might not save the Pale Moon project long term. But remaining on Gecko 52 with little improvement is even worse, so…

> XUL is a UI language, not a rendering engine.

I am fully aware of this, no need to discuss this.

> new “standards” cartel

Yes. On the one hand, thinking that any of the members is really opposing the others is a bit ridiculous (this is what Mozilla is being shilled as here). On the other hand, in reality, the members of this “cartel” are pretty much having 99% of the market under them in terms of what rendering engines are being used, and the W3C was never proactive in creating new web standards, the W3C waiting for proposals coming from the main engine devs is how it has always been. This is not a new development at all. Just my 2 cents.

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