Minecraft’s official YouTube channel features a variety of different series to unveil hidden information and upcoming features. In December 2021, Mojang announced a new series called Minecraft Now where developers talk about the game along with a popular content creator.

The December live event was a great success as thousands of players tuned in to watch Iskall85 and the game developers. Soon after the stream ended, Mojang announced the same event to for January 2022. Unfortunately, the stream got postponed due to a surge in the numb er of Covid-19 cases around the world.

As a result, the second live stream is now set to happen in February. Mojang has announced the date and time for the live event.

Minecraft Now February date and time revealed

Maybe we can’t fix all the bugs, but we can use the wonder of technology to safely and remotely bring you the next episode of Minecraft Now! On Feb 10, join us for a ribbit about frogs and see your warden fan art! Learn more about Minecraft Now, now:📺 redsto.ne/now-feb https://t.co/A46e2vHzFo

Minecraft Now February is going to take place on the February 10f. The live stream will begin at 12:00 ET or 9:00 PT or 18:00 CET. Like the last stream, February’s edition is estimated to run for around an hour.

In the previous announcement, Mojang said content creator AntVenom will be joining the stream. However, there was no mention of him in the latest announcement on the official website.

Minecraft Now February will feature none other than the amazing storyteller Lydia. LadyAgnes and Alexander will also be joining her during the stream. During the event, they are going to take a look at many of the warden artworks submitted by fans in the course of the last two months.

The main focus of the event will be the upcoming croaking mob, frog. At the annual live event, Mojang officially announced the 1.19 update, titled The Wild Update. It features two of the most anticipated mobs, frogs and the warden. Players can watch the stream to learn about how exactly the developers are adding frogs to the game.

Fans will also get to see a tour of Spawnpoint, the server where Mojang employees play the iconic title. Lydia, Agnes, and Alexander will showcase the server.

Players can go to the official channel to set a reminder for the live stream. Click here to get redirected to the stream. YouTube will automatically send viewers a notification when the event begins if they set a reminder for the event on the platform.

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