If you’ve been playing Elden Ring in the last few days, you’ve no doubt come across countless messages left by other players while you were in connected mode. Most of them refer to things in the world, but there are also many giving away a “liar later” that does not appear anywhere, among other things that you may not fully understand if it is your first visit to the wonderful world of fantasy. dark from FromSoftware. Don’t worry, almost all of those comments have context and explanation. In 3D Games PC, we have decided to collect some of the most frequent that you will find exploring the Middle Lands.

First of all, a little warning: the director Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team of Japanese talents drag a community enormous that is full of peculiarities (so to speak) references and a characteristic humor. Practically, it is a subculture In herself. From that tagline git gud that has spread far and wide on the internet, even those who get into the paper to the point of speaking as if they were the very giant dad. They are not exempt from toxicity, of course; but make up an endearing group in their own way. Knowing that, let’s get to the point.

Who is actually the “liar later”?

To understand who these messages repeated over and over throughout the Midlands are talking about—with honorable mention to Castle Stormshroud—we have to go back to 1994. At that time, FromSoftware was far from becoming the benchmark of the video game industry that it is today. Rather, it was a group of RPG and fantasy fans eager to put their grain of sand. Breaking away from their ordinary exercises as programmers, they had created a title called King’s Field that today would be openly unplayable. Something like the zenith of stiffness. Rough as a dry cupcake. Of course, it marked the way for the delicacies that arrived years later.

Elden Ring (FromSoftware)

Even at that time, they had their themes and creative ideas very clear and he didn’t hesitate to bring out his more photogenic side: King’s Field had dungeons, open world… that kind of thing; but also a generous repertoire of pretty bloody practices that drove the most painted crazy, including terrifying controls and a illusory wall mechanics. It was 100% impossible to predict where they were, so one had no choice but to hit every dungeon wall looking for anyone to magically vanish. Behind those secret places they hid rewards such as powerful weapons, rare consumables, or key items.

This custom was passed from generation to generation, from Demon’s Souls to the recent Elden Ring, although something has changed: the most enthusiastic players have learned so much (these are games that lend themselves to it) that they often anticipate the designers and intuit what places “smell” like an illusory wall. Remote, secluded, or empty in the midst of a more cautiously decorated room; The first thing you do when you see a bare wall is put a good slap on it, just in case it disappears. It is an obsession, a reflex action, a moral duty. Only, in my experience at least, those walls are thin quite a lot in the Necrolimbo area, which is the one that I can consider half completed in my game.

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Returning to the “liar later” theme, the messages do not refer to any enemies or merchants; but to other players. Knowing that many of us have an interest in what lies behind the invisible walls, trolls they place false notices in the places, let’s say, suspicious. They suggest that you hit the wall, or that there is a chest on the other side, or that you try to roll. An innocent joke that almost always ends with your gun bouncing off the wall while you fall for the stupid thing you just did, although some are crueler and suggest you jump into the void in search of a treasure that does not exist. And for every one of those liars, there is another vigilante willing to report it to save your dignity (or your runes) by replying to the original message with another.

Elden Ring (FromSoftware)

Now, it is not uncommon to find these ads completely isolated, without a liar nearby. Why does that happen? Among other things, because the Elden Ring multiplayer is constantly refreshed: the valuable and most voted messages they stay intact for quite some time, but the most irrelevant ones end up disappearing: maybe the player who wrote the “treasure later, therefore try to attack” joke will delete their own post to make room for a more useful one that gets votes from from time to time, or automatically deleted over time. The point is that warnings about liars are usually more useful than lies and therefore last longer. Sometimes only the latter prevail.

Animals, pickles and other community memes

Personally, I find this world of liars fascinating; but there are many other memes hidden in those messages sent through preconfigured templates and some are just as great because, in a subtle way, they embrace that strange personality that the community itself has: crude, direct and without reservations of any kind. On their more sensitive side, people have assumed that absolutely all tame animals of the game are dogs. Anything that isn’t a bloodthirsty abomination is good for us, including turtles or horses. Without going any further, each and every one of the points in which the merchant Kalé appears (starting with the church of Elleh) you will find a message from someone who says “dog” next to the Burrito that accompanies our extravagant ally.

Elden Ring (FromSoftware)

Something similar happens with food, and it is that the vicissitudes of fate have led to the Elden Ring message template the word pickleswhich among other things as “pinch” can also be translated as pickle. It goes without saying that this has become, on its own merits, Sinluz’s favorite food – kitchen Round Table, Stormshroud castle, or any other place remotely linked to food are full of related messages: “time for pickles“, “seek pickles” and other similar ones. Quite a show.

There is another somewhat more open agreement in the community, which is to form compound words: the template does not allow two words to be joined, but it can separate them with a simple comma. Mixing words related to a medieval fantasy game, it is possible to label the Round Table character who does not want to talk to you as “edge, lord” (nasty, antisocial, dark) or writing out of context”fort night” (strong, night) in reference to the Epic Games game with a virtually identical pronunciation. If you think that’s too much, brace yourself.

Elden Ring (FromSoftware)

Let’s just say that FromSoftware fans in general have a pretty scatological view of the world in which all corpses that dot the stage—for environmental storytelling reasons or to offer rewards to players—have a certain sex appeal. An aberration, yes, one hundred percent grotesque; but I could not ignore in a special about memes from the Souls community something that practically appears in all the decomposed bodies there have been and will have. I’d say removing the word “fingers” or “hole” from the preconfigured message template would alleviate the problem, but realistically, I’m sure people will come up with other ways to reference the theme.

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