So you’ve collected the Flame of Frenzy and regret it, now what? Well, your relationship with Milena might not be saved, but you can reverse your choice to embrace the Flame of Frenzy, opening up access to the other Elden Ring endings. 

The process of removing the Flame of Frenzy from your character, and giving you access to the other game endings again, involves completing the entirety of Millicent‘s questline

Once you’ve completed Millicent’s questline as we’ve outlined in our guide, you will have Miquella’s Needle. You can use Miquella’s Needle to tame the Flame of Frenzy, but only in one location: Dragonlord Placidusax‘s boss arena, hidden in Farum Azula

Use Miquella’s Needle here like any other consumable item, and you will be asked if you wish to “tame the flame of frenzy?” Taming the flame will lock you out of the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending, and return access to the other game endings. 

It’s a long road, but with all of this information, you can earn the Flame of Frenzy, and then reject it again if you wish. 

Written by Dave Aubrey on behalf of GLHF.

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