Inscryption, the deckbuilding rogue-like game that is said to be a love letter to gaming now has a brand new mini expansion.

Kaycee’s Mod officially released on Thursday, and has seen many of players returning to the game that Steam rates as ”overwhelmingly positive.”

The mod itself is an endless run of the first act, said to be the most atmospheric of the game. Allowing players to enjoy Leshy’s card game for as long as they would like.

The player will get to run through the card game of Beasts and Coins repeatedly, which is said to be fans favourite part of the game. It works similarly to Slay the Spire; players will advance on through various paths of a map.

Kaycee’s Mod allows players to apply various skulls to their runs to alter the gameplay, making it tougher. For example, you can apply a modifier that gives you less backpack space, or more expensive pelts from the trapper.

The new mini expansion it much tougher than the section in the base game itself, as this has removed a lot of the tools and tricks around the cabin.

Playing through the mod, which is free to download for owners of the base game, will allows them to unlock new cards, challenges and even dev logs inscribed by the late Kaycee Hobbes.

Kaycee’s Mod is a free mini-expansion for Inscryption that hacks Leshy’s Cabin into an endless, and increasingly challenging, roguelike. Apply different skulls to your run to ascend the Challenge Levels. Reaching new levels unlocks new cards, challenges, and dev logs inscribed by the late Kaycee Hobbes as she uncovered the secrets on the disk.

Kaycee’s Mod is unlocked when players have finished the base game, or they can unlock it from the get-go by using a simple cheat code; Shift+K+M on the Start Menu screen.

For those who haven’t played Inscryption yet, it is currently 30% off on the Steam store.


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