If Frontlines is any indication, the breadth of what you can create in Roblox is far greater than I ever gave it credit for. Just look at this.

That’s not Call of Duty. That’s Frontlines, a new game for Roblox, the mega-popular creative platform for teaching kids the basics of video game production. It’s the game with the funny little Lego men that isn’t actually a Lego game. The one responsible for creating this legendary sound.

Frontlines is a multiplayer military shooter in the vein of Call of Duty and Battlefield that is entirely free. The game received a signal boost on social media over the weekend as several accounts connected to releasing closed test footage.

Created by a small, dedicated Roblox team at MAXIMILLIAN Studios, Frontlines has already attracted a ton of attention for its visuals and frenetic combat. MAXIMILLIAN says it will be dropping two maps at release, each with three or more variations. They go on to say that the team’s active roadmap will result in “a lot of new maps” following release.

I honestly keep replaying the clip and being blown away. I shouldn’t be — Roblox is used to create capital-g, capital-w Great Works all the time.

Believe it or not, the mode actually drops tomorrow. Frontlines will be available to play in Roblox from February 22. If you’re keen to hop in, you can find the launch page over here or via MAXIMILLIAN’s community page.

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