Men mainly dominate the gaming world, but women are slowly and steadily making an identity for themselves. Despite negativity and sexism, they are breaking the stereotypical notion and creating engaging gaming content for everyone to enjoy.

OpraahFX is one of the best influencer marketing firms that helps scale the popularity of content creators across various platforms. To celebrate Women’s Day, Sportskeeda Esports reached out to some female content creators at the company to discuss their take on the fairer sex in gaming.

Magsplay’s take on the position of women in gaming

OpraahFX’s Mansi “Magsplay” Gupta is one of the fastest-growing YouTubers in India, and her channel already has over 626K subscribers. She started uploading content to her channel in November 2020, and within a year, Mansi successfully hit half a million subscribers.

In a conversation with Sportskeeda Esports, Magsplay expressed how happy she is to see that women are establishing themselves in the gaming world and is sure that the numbers will rise in the future:

“I am extremely elated to see more and more women challenging the status-quo and foraying into gaming in India. However, compared to male counterparts, the number is still low, and I am certain this will multiply in the coming years.”

She is all for experimenting with her gaming content:

“Experimenting with the content is key to smoothly scaling through the gaming content creation world.”

In a previous interview with Sportskeeda Esports, she mentioned the support she gets from her viewers:

“I haven’t received many hateful or toxic comments on my channels but have received a few sexist comments at times. But then there are many good people out there who shut them down by replying on my behalf. I’ve seen a lot of supportive comments like, ‘She’s a female gamer who is trying so hard to make her way to the gaming community, and let’s support her,’ they just make my day!”

Magsplay’s content is very diverse, and she enjoys playing GTA 5, Free Fire, Minecraft, and other popular games. Her channel also has humorous content, aside from gaming.

Many aspiring female gamers look up to her, and her mantra is to prioritize “quality over quantity.”

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