How To Use Video To Promote Your Business On Instagram

” Most people will scroll right past anything that comes across as inauthentic on Instagram. You’ll have more success if you keep your ad genuine and consistent with the rest of your posts in terms of colors, filters, tone, and overall vibe. Read more about here. The most effective ads are highly targeted, so it’s worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the audience you hope to reach. If you have a clear idea of who’s on the receiving end of your Instagram ads, all of the creative decisions you need to make will flow from there. Ashley is an international speaker and VP of Operations at TopHatRank, an SEO and social media marketing agency.

Some of the best stories take advantage of the “FOMO” effect stories create by offering sneak peeks, or use interactive elements and clever storytelling to keep users watching. Using stories can make your brand seem more authentic and approachable, and create a sense of urgency that keeps users coming back to engage with you. Then there’s your account name, which appears under your profile picture and should reflect your account handle and industry.

You might make two posts with different people seeing them initially and choosing not to like them and you would get 100 likes vs 2 likes. To summarize it, people are much more likely to click on a post if it has a lot of likes rather than a post that only has 1 or 2 likes. It works because people are insecure about making decisions but when they see others being interested in something, they generally tend to be more excited. This also applies to brands looking to attract more attention organically.

This Instagram presents a candy-colored dream, awash in pastel pinks, mints, and blues. Photos are taken in good light, and further lightened during editing, and backdrops are light and sparse. Together, this Instagram page reads as a cohesive, attractive set of photos. When you picked your business name, hopefully you checked that you’d be able to use that name on as many social profiles as possible.

A good ad is just the first step in a user’s overall experience with your business. If your ads are sending users to confusing landing pages, you’re not getting the full value from your advertising. It’s easy to think of Instagram advertising as existing in an immaterial nowhere.

Make sure the type of ad you buy fits the role it plays in your marketing strategy. Once you’ve got your audience’s attention, tell them what the next step is. In advertising, a CTA is what transforms that attention into action.

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