Minecraft Education Edition has tons of features that neither Bedrock nor Java Edition can boast. There’s so much available in the game that many people prefer to play it to the original versions.

Chemistry, current events, coding and more can all be learned with the help of Education Edition, which is a version of Bedrock. Many items, like chalkboards and cameras, are simply there to give players new things to try out.

The chalkboard is a great item that allows players to write much more than normal. Here’s how to use it and how to get one.

Minecraft Education Edition: Chalkboard guide

The chalkboard is an Education Edition-specific feature, so gamers will need to be playing that version, which is free for Office 365 users.

They can also ensure that their Bedrock world has those features toggled on. For instructions on how to do that, gamers can look here.

To use a chalkboard, players need to place it down and click on it, just like they would for a sign. The chalkboard functions just like a sign, just a different shape and much bigger.

When gamers are typing on the chalkboard, six lines of text will be available for the slate and poster. 15 lines of text are available for the full board. A flashing cursor will show players where they are typing.

Chalkboards can be placed on the top or side of other blocks. This includes non-solid blocks like glass, fences, rails, and even other chalkboards. This is unlike signs, which have to be placed on solid blocks and on the ground.

@HelenAngel Please add a chalkboard from Education Edition in the next versions of Minecraft Bedrock

Currently, the only way to obtain this item is through the use of commands as they are neither naturally generated or in Creative. “/give playername chalkboard” should suffice but players will need to have commands enabled first.

Chalkboards can have a lot of text (Image via Mojang)
Chalkboards can have a lot of text (Image via Mojang)

Boards are non-solid, allowing mobs, Minecraft players and other entities to pass completely through them without breaking them. This can be used for secret doors effectively. Pistons will also be stopped by boards.

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