In Minecraft, cooking and consuming food is an essential part as it helps players survive. The usual way of eating food is that players kill some farm animals for raw meat, then cook it in a furnace with the help of coal. However, food can also be cooked with campfires.

Campfire is an underrated item in the game which can be crafted by players using coal, sticks and wood blocks. Campfires give out a light level of 10. It can be majorly used for lighting purposes and smoke signals. Players may be unaware that it can also be used to cook food.

Ways to cook on a campfire in Minecraft

How to craft or find campfires

Campfires are a common and easy item to craft or find. They can be found in villages in snowy or taiga biomes. Players can easily make a campfire with the help of three sticks, one coal, and three wood blocks.

Campfire crafting recipe (Image via Minecraft)
Campfire crafting recipe (Image via Minecraft)

After crafting it, the campfire can be placed on the ground. Players must properly choose where to place the campfire as it only drops charcoal if mined without silk touch enchantment.

How to cook food on campfire

After the campfire is placed, players can start cooking food on it. Firstly, they will need to kill a few farm animals like cows, pigs, sheep or chicken to obtain their meat. Then they can right click on the campfire to keep the raw meat on it.

Players can keep up to four pieces of raw meat on one campfire. It takes about 30 seconds for the meat to cook completely. Once the food items are cooked, they will automatically drop out of the campfire as items for players to pick up.

Raw beef cooking on a campfire (Image via Minecraft)
Raw beef cooking on a campfire (Image via Minecraft)

The main plus point of cooking food on a campfire is that players won’t need to worry about putting coal for it to work, as opposed to furnaces or smokers. Players can infinitely keep cooking food without any resources like coal being used.

Even if the campfire is slower in cooking food, and can only cook four items at once, the fact that it needs no coal to work outweighs all its drawbacks.

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