During your adventures in Elden Ring, you come across a person who asks you to join the Volcano Manor. She disappears but tells you to meet her somewhere. You’ll meet up with this character again in Lux Ruins, assuming you can make it out there. Once there, she’ll ask you again to join, in which you say tells. She’ll teleport you to the Volcano Major, and after some dialogue, you’re invited to join the Volcano Manor fully.

However, after doing some searching, you’ll find out that this particular place likes to hunt down other Tarnished characters. If that’s cool with you, continue on. Once in the manor, you’ll find several doors that you can unlock. In one of those rooms is a letter called “Letter from Volcano Manor.” This is a note or order to go forth and slaughter another Tarnished character. It will then mark a spot on your map.

The first target is “Old Knight Istvan,” and he’ll be located in  Liurnia. If you don’t mind some PVP action, then make sure you take this on.

Keep in mind that this NPC is no pushover. He’ll dish out several punishing attacks and can easily one-shot you. Keep your distance, attack once or two before getting out of his range. And watch out for this AOE attack, which will pull you close to him, allowing him to score some easy hits on you.

Once the fight is over, the armor is yours for the taking. Check out the images below to see how this armor looks. Maybe it’s me, but this does look similar to the Fluted Armor from Demon’s Souls. 

Elden Ring Scaled Armor Set -0 Elden Ring Scaled Armor Set -02 Elden Ring Scaled Armor Set -03 Elden Ring Scaled Armor Set -04 Elden Ring Scaled Armor Set -05

After a brief but tough fight, you’ll be awarded the “Scaled Armor Set” If you read the armor description, it will say, “Istvan is one of the few wizened Tarnished who survive to this day.” Well, he was, anyway.


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