The Nightrider Flail in Elden Ring is a valuable weapon that you’ll want to consider grabbing, especially if you’re leaning into more of a Dexterity build for your character. It’s a weapon that favors Dexterity but still partially uses the attribute Strength, but not much of it. You won’t be able to find it in a merchant, unfortunately. In this guide, we cover how you’ll get the Nightrider Flail in Elden Ring.

The boss you need to beat is a Night’s Calvary. It’s a black knight that you can find wandering around the Weeping Peninsula. You can find it on your way to Castle Morne, right on the road to the Castle. You can quickly find and wait for it at the site of grace called Castle Morne Rampart.

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You will need to defeat the Night’s Calvary to loot it. However, the boss will only appear at night. If you go there at any time of the day, you likely won’t see it wandering around. We recommend arriving at the site of grace, letting time pass, and then heading straight to the path. The Night’s Calvary will be there on their horse. You have to fight the boss in that location to loot the weapon.

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