If you’re wondering how to fix the ‘Content package is no longer available’ error in Warzone on PC/PlayStation/Xbox, then we’ve got the fix below.

It’s already been a couple of weeks since Season 2 for Warzone Pacific went live around the world. The new season has brought plenty of exciting new weapons, along with new events and POIs to Caldera.

However, it also made way for some serious glitches to come to the surface. That said, the invisible gun glitch is still ruining games in Caldera.

But if you’re unable to play the game due to the ‘Content package is no longer available’ error in Warzone, we’ve got the fix for you. And the first fix doesn’t require you to reinstall the entire game!

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warzone how to fix dev error 6039 content package


How To Fix ‘Content Package Is No Longer Available’ Error in Warzone

The ‘Content package is no longer available’ usually arises with dev error code 6039. While reinstalling Call of Duty Warzone might help fix this issue, you can try another method beforehand.

Here’s how to fix the error on PlayStation 4, and can be replicated for Warzone on all platforms:

  1. Launch Warzone and wait for it to load.
  2. Unplug your PS4 during the black screen, right after the game starts loading assets.
  3. Power up your console again and skip the warning message.
  4. Start Warzone again and you will see ‘update restart now’.
  5. Upon restarting your game will update. If you don’t get the ‘update restart now’, then wait a bit longer before pulling the plug from your console.

Credit to u/vagueblockade45 for sharing the above method with the community. This simple maneuver doesn’t require players to reinstall the entire game and seems to be working for a majority of the players.

However, if you’re still experiencing the same issue with your game, then we recommend the following methods.

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warzone pacific fix content package not found ps4 ps5 pc xbox


Alternative Fixes for Warzone Dev Error 6039

In order to fix Warzone’s Dev Error 6039 on any platform, you’ll need to proceed with the fresh installation of the game. Although, you can also try the “Scan and Repair” option and see if there’s a missing file causing this error to pop up.

Before you begin reinstalling your game, make sure you check out the best weapons in Warzone, following the recent PPSh-41 nerf.

If that doesn’t help fix the issue, here’s how you can reinstall Warzone on PC:

  • Launch Battle.net and click on the Warzone game tab.
  • Click on the gear icon, right next to the play button and click on “Uninstall”.
  • Click on “Yes, Uninstall”

Similarly, on other platforms, you can head over to the game library and begin uninstalling Warzone.

In other news, Activision is planning to support Modern Warfare 2 with Warzone 2 and another free-to-play project. It seems no Call of Duty title next year might be good for this year’s titles!

Also, make sure to check out the fastest way to level up weapons in Warzone Pacific. Those Vanguard guns need a bit of effort but this method will come in handy.

Finally, having the best settings in Warzone will help you perform better:

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