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Check How To Change Chat Voice On PUBG Mobile

This is a step by step article on how to change voice in BGMI Quick Chat. You will also learn how to change the language in the BGMI quick chat message. Many gamers use the BGMI language changer app to change the voice pack in BGMI, which is never a good idea. This is because there are already some default language packs in BGMI that you can use to change the language in BGMI to quickly chat with your teammates.

The great thing about BGMI’s language packs is that they are customizable and there are more, including Indian regional languages. The number of voices can be further customized with some CUs. But in this article we will only talk about free techniques without violating any game rules with real methods assigned by the game developer.

How to change voice commands in PUBG Mobile

There are three main ways to change PUBG Mobile voice commands:

  • Change the preset commands in the inventory menu.
  • Use different voice announcers and packages.
  • Personalize your voice commands with different voices or languages.

The first two options can go hand in hand, since they are available from the same menu. Overall, these options are more than enough to provide a decent level of customization and streamline your PUBG experience. If you want to move some preset commands or use other speakers, you will need to do the following:

  • Launch PUBG Mobile on your device, then select “Inventory” from the menu list or bottom bar.
  • Select the character for which you want to change the voice prompts using the character selection menu. You can customize the voice commands for each character you own.
  • Go to the “Equipment Box”, the fourth icon from the top.
  • Tap the “Voice Message” option (the icon is either a message icon or a microphone).
  • Your screen will split in two. On the left side are the currently equipped voice commands. You can use the “Wheel” or “List” tabs to change the way the voice command menu appears on the screen. On the right side of the screen, you will see all the available voice commands. There are three categories of commands to choose from: Tactics, Movement, and Discussions. Tap the corresponding tab at the top to switch between them.
  • Tap the “Change” button at the bottom to make changes.
  • If you want to change the speaker, tap the dropdown list on the top bar in the menu on the right. Character specific announcers are locked for that character.
  • Use the “-” icon next to a voice command to remove it from the selection and make room for new ones. If there are no icons next to the voice command to choose from, you can drag and drop the voice commands.
  • Select the “+” icon in the list or wheel on the left, then tap the voice command you want to place in the menu on the right to lock it to that option. Alternatively, drag and drop until you’re happy with your choices.
  • Tap the “OK” button at the bottom left to confirm your changes.

Final words: How To Change Chat Voice On PUBG Mobile

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