Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online are two of the most action-packed games in history. And by action, we mean there are firearms and weapons involved, especially with some of the most intense police chases seen in the gaming industry.

With that, it is vital for players to know where to buy ammunition, which will bring your GTA experience to the next level. Guns are so rampant in the game that it is one of the keys to finishing almost every mission available.

Having ammo will keep you ready for any possible encounters along the road, but there are also a lot of options you can explore to bring out the best from you in terms of establishing some real GTA action. There are a large number of gun choices in GTA 5 and GTA Online, so the challenge of knowing what weapon you should get won’t be too bothersome.

The main way of getting ammo in both games is by purchasing it from the Ammu-Nation stores. Just go to the store and talk to the owner. They will provide you with a handful of weapon choices wherein you can customize what you want to get. Keep in mind that the ammo you get will depend on your budget.

Another way is through the Interaction menu. Just go to your inventory and choose the ammo category. Scroll through the different ammo options you can purchase, and you can do this remotely.

And finally, the option to call Merryweather is also available. By doing this, an ammo box could be delivered to you, though the ammo will be completely randomized. Still, if you need help and you have no time to prepare and choose, then you might consider doing this. Fire away, folks. 

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