COD Mobile Redeem codes for February 18, 2022: Win exciting freebies in Call of Duty Mobile including in-game items, weapons, character skins, accessories, parachutes and more

COD Mobile redeem codes for February 18, 2022: Call of Duty mobile is an extremely popular online first person shooter (FPS) game that takes place in multiple arenas such as 100 player battle royale, 5v5 team death matches, sniper vs sniper battles and more. The COD Mobile game is known for its diverse matches and interesting gameplay. It was even awarded the mobile title of the year at Game Awards in 2019. One of the most fun parts about the game is to complete missions and win rewards or collectibles which a player can use as skin for their weapons, character, parachute and more. However, grinding these events might be difficult for a beginner. If that is the case with you, do not worry. COD mobile also gives out free rewards as redeem codes that you can cash in to win exciting prizes. Read on to know today’s codes and how to redeem them.

These in-game items can be won in different ways. Completing missions or purchasing them using coins are other ways to get them. But sometimes it is not possible to play the game for hours trying to win something or spend real money in the game. That’s why these redeem codes will help you in getting your favorite character or weapon skin that you can show off with all your friends.

COD Mobile redeem codes for February 18, 2022

The process to redeem these codes is also easy. We have explained the entire process at the end of this article so you can check out the codes and then immediately cash them in to get your rewards. All you need to do is either copy or note down the codes and follow the steps given below to claim them. Check out the codes below.













How to Redeem the codes

1. Go to the COD Redemption website here:

2. Enter your user ID (UID) in the given space.

3. Enter the redeem code and the captcha on the screen.

4. Enter ‘Submit’. That’s it. You should receive the rewards in your message box in the game within 24 hours.

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