A quarter approximately separates the release of Elden Ring and Halo Infinite. The two games couldn’t be more different and were developed by separate studios.

The future of the two games also looks different at this point. Elden Ring has established itself as the largest new gaming IP in the last five years.

Halo Infinite did have a bright start, but things started to fall off the initial high. When a developer associated with the game liked a joke on Twitter, Halo fans were not impressed and let him know a piece of their mind.

Halo community is really rough. twitter.com/GenePark/statu…

Halo Infinite had a successful launch when the game released its free-to-play multiplayer mode. This was followed by a campaign launch, which was well appreciated. However, the lack of ample game modes, including fan-favorite ones like Forge, has not gone well.

As a result, the player count has declined as players have asked for more content. This reduction in player count seems to have caused the latest issue in the community.

Halo Infinite fans condemn game developer over liking a tweet about Elden Ring

While Halo Infinite developer David Ellis liked a sarcastic tweet about Elden Ring’s player count, little had he anticipated what was to follow. Evan Lahti made the original tweet. The tweet sarcastically talks about reducing the game’s player count and how there’s a lack of content.

Elden Ring’s player count has been reduced. However, it has nothing to do with the game. As with any single-player game, players finish it and switch to another game. The original tweet was nothing but done with humor.

Wow, Elden Ring has lost 50% of its players in just one month. Rough launch, not enough content. Silence from the developer and no roadmap or battle pass in sight. Dead game? https://t.co/pUbTpfhErf

However, David Ellis liking the tweet seems to have crossed at least some Halo Infinite fans. Following the action, a user posted about the incident in the main Halo community.

The Reddit post showed the user criticizing David Ellis over his actions. The user criticized Ellis’ actions over the player count of Halo Infinite. They stated that it’s a bit “tone-deaf” on the developer’s part to care about another game’s player count. It was pretty evident that the user had missed the humor from the actual tweet by Lahti.

This is currently trending on the homepage of Reddit right now. https://t.co/wBR4jcKxwV

The development of the entire incident has led to Ellis getting abused as per his confession. However, he also explained that he felt that the original tweet was funny, and hence he felt like it.

r/halo community began harassing a Halo dev because he… liked a joke tweet about Elden Ring’s concurrent player base and Halo “fans” took it as an insult against them and how they always complain about concurrent numbers. The joke had nothing to do with Halo. Get a grip folks. https://t.co/9dj9ho8pDG

While a Reddit post about Ellis’ reaction wasn’t available on the search, one Twitter user had at least one reaction. The user stated that Ellis’s action was pathetic, as Lahti’s sarcastic tweet applies to Elden Ring.

However, if the player count is reduced for a live service game like Halo Infinite, there is a problem.

@DavidEllis You liking that tweet mocking people who call games with low player counts ‘dead games’ is so pathetic. The difference between Elden Ring and Halo Infinite is that Infinite is supposedly a LIVE SERVICE game and yet 4 months post-release still has no content.

The entire sage has two significant points to note. On one end, the community failing to get the joke seems a bit funny in the absolute sense. This has led to some individuals describing the Halo community as “rough.”

However, players are anxious for the game to bring new content. Season two of the game is coming up, and players hope that it will rekindle the faith lost by the fans.

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