GTA Online players who’ve been around for even a few weekly updates will know by now that there are always certain missions that award more profits than usual, but every now and then, Rockstar Games gives players a way to earn one big lump sum of GTA$ for doing very little. That opportunity is back again this week with players able to make GTA$200K just for completing a couple of missions.

The missions to be completed for the reward are a couple of Payphone Hits which shouldn’t take players too long to do. Simply complete three of them and you’ll get the influx of cash granted to your GTA Online account at some point within the next couple of days after the task is finished.

“As always, completing optional Assassination Bonuses will beef up your payday,” Rockstar said about this week’s GTA Online bonus. “Regardless, players who complete three Payphone Hits this week will net an additional bonus of GTA$200K (delivered within 72 hours of completion).”

Along with that lump sum bonus, players can still get earn more for completing Payphone Hits throughout the week, but know that you won’t get quite as much as you usually would from the weeks’ double or triple bonuses.

“Payphone Hits are lucrative, freelance assassinations available to Agency owners who’ve completed at least three Security Contracts,” Rockstar continued. “Help solidify your Agency’s reputation and complete any Payphone Hit this week to earn an extra 50% GTA$ and RP.”

Outside of those Payphone Hits, Gerald’s Last Play Missions, Hunting Pack (Remix), Running Back (Remix), and Hippy Hunting are all giving out double rewards while Business Battles and Criminal Damage are giving out triple. In short, there are plenty of ways to earn money this week in GTA Online, but if nothing else, finish up those three Payphone Hits to cash in on the one-time bonus.

Along with that, those on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms should also remember that they’ve got one more bonus coming their way that’s now available if you haven’t already claimed it. That’s the monthly bonus of GTA$, but it’s not going to last for the whole month and instead expires on March 14th this time.

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