While working on Renna’s questline in Elden Ring, players will have to join Blaidd at Redmane Castle and take down General Radahn. After beating him, Blaidd will tell players to meet him where the star fell. However, he doesn’t let players know where this occurred. Unfortunately, this is another case of him telling players one thing and doing another.

Where did the star fall after beating General Radahn in Elden Ring?

Blaidd, unfortunately, doesn’t even tell players where the star fell. Fortunately, if players start looking where Blaidd told them to meet him the last time, they’ll quickly spy something odd in the distance. In southeast Limgrave, look for floating rocks in the air.

If players spawn in at the Fort Haight Site of Grace, they’ll immediately notice these floating rocks above a giant hole in the ground that previously wasn’t there. This leads down into Novrok, Eternal City, which is where Blaidd said he would meet players at.

Where is Blaidd in Novrok, Eternal City?

Unfortunately, Blaidd is showing that he’s not a man of his word again. While he says he’ll meet the player where the star fell, he’s nowhere to be found, just like he was at Siofra River. So, players shouldn’t waste time looking for him because he’s not around.

If players speak with War Counselor Iji before heading into Novrok, he’ll explain that Blaidd has been called away for an urgent assignment. He doesn’t tell players what the mission is, but he does let them know that they shouldn’t wait up for Blaidd. He also drops the hint that the fallen star is in Limgrave, which is a massive help if players haven’t found it yet.

So, those looking for the location of Blaidd after defeating General Radahn should give it up. He’s nowhere close to the fallen star.

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