After Fia kills D in Elden Ring, she leaves the Roundtable Keep for good. However, her story is far from over. Finding her takes some work, but it’s required to unlock one of the game’s endings.

Where does Fia go after killing D in Elden Ring?

Fia is located in the Deeproot Depths, which is accessed by traveling to Nokron, Eternal City. It can only be accessed after defeating General Radahn, and players who have completed Ranni’s questline will be familiar with the location.

To get to the Deeproot Depths, players will need to travel north from the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace. Follow the Spectral Jellyfish to find a ledge with a new Site of Grace overlooking some buildings. From here, players can drop down onto a beam and make their way inside the structure.

NOTE: D’s brother appears as an NPC in this location. It’s important not to give him the Twisted Armor, or he’ll kill Fia and end her questline.

As players make their way through it, they’ll find themselves in front of a large waterfall. Approaching it triggers a boss fight with the Twin Gargoyles. After defeating them, players can head through the waterfall to find a coffin on the edge. Climb in it and ride it down.

The coffin will end up in a new underground area, Deeproot Depths. Players need to head north into The Nameless City, then veer northeast to find the Prince of Death’s Throne, the final resting place of Godwyn’s corporeal form. When players enter this area, they’ll have to fight three (reasonably easy) battles in a row. After this is over, players can finally find Fia in the shadow of Godwyn’s corpse. If players speak with her and tell her, “No, I want to be held,” she’ll tell you her plans, and her questline will continue.

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