When players arrive at the Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring, they’ll meet Brother Corhyn. Corhyn sells incantations and is a generally nice guy. However, part of the way through the game, he’ll decide that he needs to go on a pilgrimage to find the legendary Goldmask. After that, he leaves the Roundtable Hold, and players are wondering where Corhyn goes after that.

Where does Corhyn go in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Corhyn Goldmask Locations

Once Corhyn leaves the Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring, he can be found near the map fragment in Altus Plateau (which takes its own adventure to get to). He’ll have added a few new incantations to his shop, and explain he’s still looking for Goldmask. Once he’s found at his new location, players can visit him whenever they want until they trigger the next part of his questline.

Where is Goldmask?

Goldmask is located at the northside of the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge in Altus Plateau. Players must approach from the southern end and enter the portal near the Site of Grace. Players need to turn around and walk south when they arrive at the north end. Near the broken edge of the bridge, they’ll find Goldmask pointing at the Erdtree and mumbling.

After finding Goldmask, players can return to Corhyn and let him know Goldmask’s location. After that, players can find Corhyn studying Goldmask and attempting to learn his wisdom. Fortunately, Corhyn is still determined to be helpful, and players can purchase incantations from him as usual.

We’re not sure if Corhyn’s story continues after this. We’ve returned a few times to see how the duo are doing, and there are no new developments. However, the questline feels unresolved, so we’re guessing either beating a certain amount of bosses or finding new information or a new item triggers it to proceed further.

Fortunately, so far, Corhyn’s story has been relatively smooth. Some NPCs meet a much worse fate.

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