Spirits are one of the most exciting new mechanics FromSoftware has introduced into Elden Ring. These AI-controlled summons can give you a huge edge in a tough fight by summoning in everything from a tough warrior to a pack of wolves to swarm your enemies. They are one of the ways Elden Ring hopes to allow more people to beat it, compared to FromSoftware’s other games.

The Lands Between is filled with Spirits in the form of Spirit Ashes that can be purchased, found in chests, or scavenged from corpses around the world. These summons can take the form of almost any kind of friend or foe you would expect to see in a FromSoftware game, but they also all have their own perks, whether it be to deal damage, help with crowd control, or assist you in a fight.

So, if you are looking for all the Elden Ring Spirit Ashes locations, read on so you can find every last Spirit Ash location in the game to complete your collection. This guide will be updated with new ones as and when we find them.

Elden Ring Spirit Ashes Locations

Here are all the Elden Ring Spirit Ashes locations that we know of, thanks to the technical test.

  • Wandering Spirit Ashes location
  • Lone Wolf Spirit Ashes location
  • Noble Sorcerer Spirit Ashes location
  • Northern Mercenary Spirit Ashes location
  • Spirit Jellyfish Spirit Ashes location

Wandering noble Spirit Ashes Location

The Wandering Noble Spirit calls forth five zombie-like enemies to fight alongside you. They can be found in Limgrave, one of Elden Ring’s regions, at the Stormfoot Catacoombs. It is on a body, behind the second flamethrower machine where multiple Goblins are.

Lone Wolf Spirit ASHES Location

The Lone Wolf Spirit Ash location can be found in Limgrave at the Church of Elleh. Kalé the merchant is selling them there. This Spirit will summon three wolf spirits to attack enemies.

Elden Ring Spirit Ash Locations: The player can be seen calling in a spirit with the item

Noble Sorcerer Spirit ASHES Location

The Noble Sorcerer Ashes can be obtained from Merchant Kalé at the Church of Elleh in Limgrave. This Spirit is a sorcerer and they will use spells and attacks on your enemies from a distance.

Northern Mercenary Spirit Ashes Location

The Northern Mercenary Ashes location can be found at the start of the Murkwater Catacombs in Limgrave, on a corpse. The Northern Mercenary Spirit calls forth an armored warrior with a curved cleaver that can attack your enemies.

Spirit Jellyfish Spirit Ashes Locations

The Spirit Jellyfish Ashes can be found in Stormhill, north-west of where you can find a number of Jellyfish. This Spirit summons a giant Jellyfish that sits still and can perform ranged and melee attacks.

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