An Elden Ring mod has been created that lets you pause the game, something that fans can’t do in most Souls-like titles.

Created by user TechieW, the Elden Ring mod is called “Pause The Game” and lets fans do just that.

Available on Nexus Mods (via PC Gamer), the pause mod adds a simple screen to Elden Ring that lets players take a breather, as the in-game menus don’t pause the game when being used.

Since being uploaded on Sunday (February 27), the Elden Ring pause mod has already garnered around 1,000 downloads and over 12,000 views.

Though a safe pausing screen is a welcome addition to a Souls game, there is one caveat to using the mod. Users must disable Easy Anti-Cheat to play with the mod, meaning that anyone who has installed the pause screen mod will only be able to play offline.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring. Credit: FromSoftware.

While TechieW says “this is the case for all Elden Ring mods,” it’s worth noting that FromSoftware has not yet commented on modding the studio’s latest game, so it’s unclear how supported it is – so download it using your own judgement.

With that out of the way, TechieW provides instructions to use the mod over on its Nexus Mods page, which you can read here.

Replying to a fan, TechieW says the mod “is for all the dad gamers out there who can’t play for more than two minutes straight.”

In other Elden Ring news, Valve has said that it’s working on a fix for stuttering issues on the Steam Deck.

Elsewhere, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will be getting rollback netcode this summer. The feature was announced by Kazuhisa Wada and will reduce the effect of lag on the fighting game.

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