Want to know where you can find Elden Ring map fragments? As you explore the vast regions of The Lands Between in this open-world game, the places you’ve visited are gradually revealed on your in-game map. This allows you to easily navigate back to a safe location or return to a dungeon to slay monsters that you weren’t quite up to fighting when you first found them. There is, however, a faster way to open up an entire area.

In specific locations in every region, you can find map fragments that fill in the blanks, showing you all of the named locations and Elden Ring dungeons in the local area. Knowing where everything is in the region is particularly handy in your search for valuable items such as Elden Ring Ashes of War or Elden Ring cookbooks. You can also use your newfound knowledge to hunt down all of the optional Elden Ring bosses.

Since these key items are so valuable for exploring each area in The Lands Between, we have a list of all of the known Elden Ring map fragment locations so that you can scoop them up as soon as possible.

Elden Ring map fragment locations

Here are all of the Elden Ring map fragment locations:

  • Limgrave West – in front of a stone pillar in the Gatefront Ruins, just south of Stormgate

Those are all of the Elden Ring map fragment locations we know of so far. We will update this guide with the rest of the fragment locations for every region when the game releases, so do check back soon.

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