Welcome to our guide of “Elden Ring: How To Finish The Alexander questline?”. This questline involves you jumping across the Lands Between to assist this chubby mega-jar, starting with smacking him. If you assist Alexander find the Elden Ring, you’ll go across Caelid, Liurnia, and beyond. The warrior jar will reward you with two Talismans that increase the power of your weapon skills. We have all the details you need to assist Iron Fist Alexander in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: How To Finish The Alexander questline?

How to finish the Alexander questline in Elden Ring?

⦁ Rescue Alexander from the earth around Saintsbridge: Alexander may be located early in the game around “Saintsbridge Site of Grace” to the north of Limgrave. You’ll ultimately locate him stuck in the dirt on a cliff if you listen to his cries for aid. When you speak with him, he will beg you to offer him a wallop to set him free. Alexander will tell you of Redmane Castle within Caelid if you exhaust his dialogue.

⦁ Go into the bottom of Gael Tunnel: The entry to the mine dungeon may be found in Caelid. Working your way down, you’ll come to a tunnel having a closed wood door at the tip. To progress, open the door to see Alexander, then go over all of the dialogue.

⦁ See Alexander in Redmane Castle: Go to the stronghold in southern Caelid. This is where he’ll be among the festival NPCs, notice that you can skip the first 2 steps. Then begin Alexander’s quest right now. Once you learn how to defeat Radahn within Elden Ring. Talk to the pot to summon him. Then talk to him once Radahn is killed & you’ve recovered at Site of Grace.

⦁ In Liurnia, go to Divine Tower at eastern Liurnia & look to the south for Alexander, who is stuck in the earth once more. You’ll require an Oil Pot to liberate him this time, that is a craftable object with a recipe available from any Elden Ring trader spots in Siofra River. Once you’ve released Alexander, finish his dialogue. At this point, you can also go to Jarburg, a nearby town, and speak with Jar Bairn, who will appear later.

⦁ To find Alexander soaking in lava, travel southwest from Mount Gelmir’s “Seethewater Termius Site of Grace” to the lava pools. You’ll be able to enter an island where you can chat with Alexander after fighting a Magma Wyrm boss. You’ll be able to call him once more during Fire Giant boss battle once you’ve exhausted this discussion.

⦁ Locate Alexander at Crumbling Farum Azula: By using a few Elden Ring Stonesword Keys you can open a path to the Dragon Temple Lift in Crumbling Farum Azula. You may see an unintentional bridge created out of ruins from here. After turning left, run over to the right till you hit the ruins. Follow them until you come across Alexander on a bridge portion.

⦁ Battle Alexander: If you speak with him, you’ll discover that he aspires to combat a warrior as powerful as you. Continue talking, and you’ll accept his ordeal as a pretext to begin the fight. Unfortunately, you must fight the iron fisted pot, so if you lose, you can continue to challenge him until you finally shatter him. As he dies, he will bestow Alexander’s Innards & Shard of Alexander Talisman upon you if you speak to him. After he dies, you can take Warrior Jar Shard Talisman from the body.

⦁ Go to Jar Bairn at Jarburg: As part of the Elden Ring 1.03 patch, you can now go back to Jar Bairn and deliver them Alexander’s Innards, probably after speaking with them a lot and they’ll offer you a Companion Jar Talisman, putting an end to Iron Fist Alexander’s narrative.

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