This is the month of Elden Ringthe most anticipated time of year by millions of fans around the world who were literally looking forward to getting their hands on FromSoftware’s new game.

The project of the creators of Dark Souls seems to take the form of the full maturation of the genre, the definitive soulslike that will bring to completion the evolutionary process started with Demon’s Souls.

Obviously the hype is skyrocketing, so much so that someone among the many diehard fans of the genre has decided to pay homage Elden Ring even with a real tattoo.

The new work, which obviously bears the signature of Miyazaki, will present numerous innovations starting fromopen worlda completely new feature for the series.

Among the novelties, however, there remain many fixed points, timeless for the souls, for example the initial decision of class of our character.

So far the classes that have been presented to us are Fighter, Blood Wolf, Enchanted knight, Prophet, Sample And Miserable – the latter, among other things, was also the protagonist of some statements by the director himself who advised against its choice for newcomers to the genre.

But now, through an official tweet, Bandai Namco and FromSoftware have revealed the existence of two other classes: the Wanderer and theHero.

The Wanderer it is quite similar to the Knight given his armor and its broadsword, and represents a mysterious character who has been exiled from his homeland. It is certainly a sensible choice and well balanced for those who want to start a run without too many further difficulties.

L’Hero instead he is a less equipped character in terms of armor than the Wanderer, and is the descendant of a chieftain who uses abattle ax as its main weapon.

It won’t take long to learn more about the specifics of the various classes Elden Ringalso because we remind you that the game has entered the Gold phase and leaves no suspicion of any kind of postponement.

If you don’t want to waste time, you can pre-order Elden Ring on Amazon at the best price.

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