One of the best talismans in Elden Ring is the Gold Scarab, but it’s hidden in the Abandoned Cave, which is a location many players won’t even stumble upon. Finding the cave is easy enough once players know where to look, but it’s tough to spot otherwise. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to fight through it and claim the Gold Scarab.

Where is the Abandoned Cave in Elden Ring?

Getting to the Abandoned Cave in Elden Ring requires players to travel to Caelid. Before heading out, make sure to stock up on Preserving Boluses or memorize the Flame, Cleanse Me incantation because the cave is full of Scarlet Rot. Head west from Fort Faroth toward the ravine running through the middle of Caelid. Near the evergaol, players can look down into the gorge and notice a tree root running across it. This root can be crossed from the west side to a ledge on the east side of the ravine where players will find the opening to the Abandoned Cave.

Unfortunately, this Abandoned Cave is a terrible place. It’s filled with Scarlet Rot, and there are several ambushes throughout. The enemies themselves aren’t too challenging, but it’s easy to get caught with low health because of Scarlet Rot. The big challenge here is to stay out of the liquid rot as much as possible. Unlike the Lake of Rot, there’s enough dry land here to avoid contracting the Scarlet Rot status effect once players make it past the first part of the cave.

Eventually, players will have to fight two Cleanrot Knights. Fortunately, players can keep one occupied by summoning a Spirit Ash, and they don’t have too much health. They’re reasonably easy to stagger as well, especially for players using a heavy weapon.

After defeating the Cleanrot Knights, players can claim the Gold Scarab Talisman, which increases the amount of ruins enemies drop upon death.

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