Elden Ring may have the least opaque story of a Souls game so far, but you can still easily pass over some of its early NPCs and quests by accident. There isn’t a quest log in Elden Ring, either, so you’re left to keep track of these things by hand or by memory as in Souls games past. Don’t let the first few merchants and questgivers in Limgrave fly under your radar: They’re worth stopping to chat with to score new spells and quests and occasionally a good laugh. 

Before you start exploring too far afield, make sure you’ve met the important NPCs Elden Ring expects you to run into. I’ll assume that you’ve talked with Melina the Finger Maiden, the first Santa Claus-looking Nomadic Merchant in the Church of Elleh, and Roderika at Stormhill Shack. They all fall right along your route to Elden Ring’s first boss Margit, and you’re not likely to miss them. There are other Nomadic Merchants you’ll want to pay a visit to also—one on the beach south of the Coastal Cave and one on the road east of Saintsbridge—who will sell you crafting recipes and other useful items. You’ll also meet several other characters and merchants at the Roundtable Hold once Melina sends you there for the first time.

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