Welcome to our guide of “Call Of Duty Warzone: How To Find Vikhor’s Keycard And The Forgotten Keycard?”. Three new keycards are introduced in Warzone as part of the Rebirth Reinforced event. These can be used to access particular vaults. In this guide will cover how to find Vikhor’s keycard And the Forgotten keycard.

Call Of Duty Warzone: How To Find Vikhor's Keycard And The Forgotten Keycard?

How to find Vikhor’s keycard in Call Of Duty Warzone?

This is arguably Warzone’s most difficult keycard to redeem. Upon 90-120 seconds of the game beginning, Vikhor’s keycard despawns instantly. This implies you’ll have to act quickly if you want to find this precise keycard. To locate Vikhor’s keycard in Warzone, follow these steps:

⦁ After you’ve gotten off the plane, go straight to the Headquarters.
⦁ While within the Headquarters building, head to the underground bunker via the door on the left.
⦁ Inside the bunker, the keycard may be found atop of the table.
⦁ The “Red Room weapon blueprint”, if you haven’t already obtained it, can also be discovered within the bunker. You’ll get the Loadout Drop Marker, plus $8000 if you claim this card.

How to find the Forgotten keycard?

In Warzone, finding a Forgotten keycard is quite simple. To locate it, follow these steps:

⦁ On Rebirth Island, go to the Bioweapon Labs.
⦁ You’ll need to go down and look inside the Shower Rooms once you’ve entered the facility.
⦁ The Forgotten keycard, as well as various packs of money, can be found in any of the rooms having a broken shower.

After you’ve obtained the keycard, though, the true danger begins. Because the Bioweapon Labs lie on the opposite side of the map from the Stronghold, you’ll have to go through the full map to access the vault.
To make this voyage as short as possible, we recommend that you look for a helicopter. You will receive Specialist Bonus field improvements, one Loadout Drop Marker, as well as a Munitions Box after opening this vault.

So, this was our guide “Call Of Duty Warzone: How To Find Vikhor’s Keycard And The Forgotten Keycard?”. In conclusion, please leave a comment below!

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