Traversing a Minecraft world can be lonely, and sometimes dangerous, but fortunately an animal friend can often help players out.

By presenting animal mobs with certain food items in Minecraft, players can tame the animal in question and have it follow them along on their adventures.

Some animals suffice as companions, but others can provide benefits that help the player in some way. These benefits vary based on the mob in question, but all are helpful in some regard. Some animal mobs separate themselves as better pets in certain ways, and it’s worth noting the best pets for players to keep nearby.

Minecraft: The top pets for players to tame

5) Horses/Donkeys/Mules

A horse saddled and ready for travel (Image via Mojang)
A horse saddled and ready for travel (Image via Mojang)

Getting around a Minecraft world can be tedious, as players don’t move particularly fast while running or sprinting. However, with a horse, donkey, or mule, players can move very quickly over most terrain. They’ll need to find one of the animal mobs first, then attempt to mount them by right-clicking or pressing the use button with an open hand on the mob.

The creature may kick the player off of them a few times, but eventually, the beast will be tamed. Players can then do things such as applying armor and a saddle to the creature so that they can be ridden and protected from danger.

One of the best parts of taming these animals is that they require no food items for the initial taming.

4) Parrots

Parrots can rest on a player's shoulders (Image via Mojang)
Parrots can rest on a player’s shoulders (Image via Mojang)

Although weak in terms of battle, parrots can be helpful in Minecraft for a different reason. After being tamed by being fed wheat, melon, beetroot, or pumpkin seeds, parrots will follow the player and fly about. They can even perch on a player’s shoulder if the player walks into them.

Despite not being able to fight, parrots can be helpful as they can imitate the sounds of nearby mobs. In the event a player is being tailed by a hostile mob or if there’s one in the area, the audio cue from a parrot can fill players in that they aren’t as safe as they may think.

3) Foxes

Breeding two foxes will result in a baby fox (Image via Mojang)
Breeding two foxes will result in a baby fox (Image via Mojang)

If Minecraft players are looking for a helpful mob to pick up loose items, then a baby fox may be right for them. After breeding two foxes with the use of either sweet or glow berries, the foxes will spawn a baby fox, which trusts the player.

In order to keep it loyal and avoid it running away until it matures, players can use items such as leads to keep the baby close. Once it grows into a full-sized fox, players will notice that the fox will pick up loose items on the ground. In some circumstances, foxes can even pick up items such as weapons and utilize them in battle (though players won’t actually see them swing the weapon).

For example, players who allow a fox to pick up a sword enchanted with Fire Aspect will notice that when it attacks mobs, it can set them on fire as if it used the weapon.

2) Cats/Ocelots

Wild ocelots in their home jungle biome (Image via Mojang)
Wild ocelots in their home jungle biome (Image via Mojang)

One of the most helpful types of pet to have in all of Minecraft, cats and ocelots can be quickly tamed by feeding them raw cod or salmon.

Once they’re tamed, they’ll follow the player about, jumping and sitting on certain blocks and keeping the player company. When the player sleeps at night in a bed, cats can also bring them gifts such as rabbit feet, string, and even phantom membranes.

One of the best parts of cats and ocelots is that creepers are terrified of them. If a creeper encounters a cat or ocelot, it will run away until it achieves a distance of roughly six to 16 blocks away. Cats will also hiss at phantoms, making them keep their distance much like creepers.

1) Wolves

Wolves are still incredibly helpful for protecting the player (Image via Mojang)
Wolves are still incredibly helpful for protecting the player (Image via Mojang)

They’ve been tameable for the longest in Minecraft, and wolves are still excellent helpers for players. After being fed a few bones, wolves will obtain a collar and will become tamed.

Unless ordered to sit, wolves will follow players and attack any hostile mobs that attack it or the player it is tied to. There’s no limit to the number of wolves players can tame, so it’s possible to have an entire army of wolves protecting a player. However, this can be tricky, as wolves that accidentally attack each other can end up fighting.

Regardless, wolves are great protectors and can even be healed by being fed meat. For the cost of a few bones, players would be remiss to not have a few wolves at their heels.

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