One of the main reasons behind Minecraft’s sheer success is its constant stream of new features every year. 2021 was a challenging yet fascinating year for Mojang, as they released their ambitious Caves & Cliffs update that changed the entire Overworld forever.

At Minecraft Live 2021, Mojang officially announced the next update for the popular sandbox game. Caves & Cliffs was not enough to change the Overworld as developers are bringing more new features to this peaceful dimension with The Wild Update.

The Wild Update is announced to release at some point in 2022. Some 1.19 features have already been revealed, and many players are waiting to try these upcoming features.

Anticipated Minecraft features coming in 2022

5) Sculk blocks

Sculk catalysts could potentially be added to Java snapshots next week! Imagine how useful they will be. #Minecraft #DeepDarkHype…

Sculk blocks were expected to release in the 1.17 update. Unfortunately, they were delayed twice and are now coming to Minecraft with The Wild Update. Players can already test Sculk blocks by becoming a beta tester for Bedrock Edition.

All Sculk blocks have unique features. Sculk sensors can read vibrations, Sculks can store XP, Sculk shrieker summons the warden, and so on.

4) Deep dark cities

Deep dark city (Image via Mojang)
Deep dark city (Image via Mojang)

The Deep Dark City is the large structure’s unofficial name revealed at the live event. These structures will only generate in deep dark caves and will easily be a terrifying place in the game.

In Deep dark cities, players will find Sculk blocks, especially sculk shriekers, which have the power to summon warden. Visiting this terrifying structure will reward players with some undisclosed treasure items.

3) Mangrove swamps

But where can I root out these newest of trees, we hear you cry!? In our newest of biomes, of course, the Mangrove Swamp!↣

Mangrove swamps are one of the new biomes coming in the 1.19 update. It is a new variant of regular swamps featuring new mangrove trees, mud blocks, and more. Wood from mangrove trees seems like a mixture of jungle and acacia wood. In mangrove swamps, players will also find fireflies, the natural food for frogs.

2) Frogs

Frogs (Image via Mojang)
Frogs (Image via Mojang)

Frogs are among the most awaited mobs in Minecraft. Since swamps lost the biome vote, many players asked developers to add frogs to the game. The Wild Update adds all the features revealed for swamps, including frogs.

Frogs are already available in Bedrock Edition beta versions. There are three varieties of frogs, and they can create pretty froglight blocks.

1) Warden

For a long time, players have received no new bosses. While the warden is also a regular mob, it packs the strength of boss-type mobs. Developers want the warden to be the most challenging mob, and thus beating it will be nearly impossible.

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