20 Creative Instagram Stories Examples From Brands

We get it—it seems like each new day brings some sort of new social media trend or fad you’re supposed to jump all over. So, knowing how to post creative Instagram Stories can mean big things for your brand. Local Eclectic is an online database that features emerging jewelry designers that stray away from the mass-produced mindset. They find their artists all across the country and look to inspire their followers with honest and sophisticated work.

Share the little moments & embrace those little flashes of delight – this creates authenticity and shows the life behind the lens! With over 800K photos, this is currently a really hot hashtag to share those sweet little moments that make you smile. Let’s just say if you have anything kid related to post, this is one of the top hashtags to use with over fourmillion photos currently uploaded to this stream on Instagram! It’s a great way to connect with your fellow moms + explore & share kid related posts & products.

Instagram, like other social media platforms, is a two-way street. You have to build meaningful relationships with your followers and target customers by responding to them when they reach out to you. There are many ways you can interact with them. Regardless, the best way for you to tap into the power of reputable Instagram accounts comes through interaction. Favorite, share and comment on their posts.

Almost 600 friends, supporters and community members stopped in to celebrate the large space previously occupied by Puchteca Indian Goods for more than 40 years. Color reduction woodcuts – a time-intensive art requiring an intuitive understanding of positive and negative space. Join 30,000 creatives to enjoy a regular dose of inspiration and motivation, delivered to your inbox every Tuesday. The official account for the Royal Institute of British Architects shares all manner of A&D projects, from the current and contemporary, to the occasional blast from the past.

Just make sure you’re formatting it correctly so the links are clickable, and you’re removing any mention of Instagram specific actions. Read more about buy IG Likes here. Whichever path is right for your business, make sure that the call to action is short, makes sense, and sets you up to connect with that customer outside of your Instagram profile. As human beings, we don’t necessarily do something unless we’re told to do it.

It even evolved to make COVID-19 a profitable time for the platform’s vendors. Instagram is widely considered as a go-to platform for video marketers, according to this list of video marketing facts and data. Now, with its new and shiny IGTV service, it is likely to stay on a top spot.

An overarching goal of “I want to get 100 followers” is great, but drill down even further if you can. Like “I want to get 50 engaged followers every month”. The difference is setting you in a very specific and focused direction, making it easier to achieve this goal. Whether it’s a celebrity, or just you from high school, nostalgia is a powerful tool. Showcasing how something went wrong, and how you fixed it, is a great way to build an engaged audience on Instagram.

Beyond engagement ring selfies, you’ll definitely stop scrolling to check out their “The Clear Cut Classroom” video series, which takes a deep dive into all things diamonds. Ahead, discover 10 of our favorite engagement ring accounts to follow on Instagram. Below those images I’m sure you will find the least interacted with, darker, grainy cell phone images with no captions. What a content calendar does is create a visual guide of what to post, when. It can be as strict or as flexible as you want.

And when you can send message again you will need to re-think your strategy. As you can see Instagram doesn’t like spammers and unfortunately you are behaving like one . Yeah, it looks like many people are getting the same thing.

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